Leah Remini talks splitting with Scientology + her new reality show, It’s All Relative

Actress/producer Leah Remini joined SiriusXM OutQ and SiriusXM Stars‘ Wake Up with Taylor to promote her new TLC reality show, It’s All Relative, and provide some insight into her split with the Church of Scientology.

Remini spoke with OutQ’s Larry Flick about her decision to split from the Church of Scientology as well as about her family, who are featured on It’s All Relative.

“For me, it’s a real life decision. It’s affecting our lives. It will continue to affect our life. And I didn’t want to treat it as sometimes the press does, in a trite way, for a headline. This is something I was raised in my whole life, my mother, it’s affecting a lot of people. To leave something that was so much part of our every day, it wasn’t going to church on Sunday, it was every single day for my whole life … That’s why a lot of times I don’t want to talk about it because I don’t want someone to take it out of context and I don’t wanna attack anybody and I don’t want to be attacked for the decisions that I made. And that’s what it becomes … Which is why I haven’t spoken about it. Because I would literally need a mini series.”

“You know, they pretty much say like when you lend money to your family, you pretty much just because to [help them] get by, But you know what, my family is so great, they have paid me back every cent, everything. That’s why they treat me like crap. Had I given them the money, then I would have had the upper hand. See they’re smart, my family is smart, cause they’re like ‘Oh bullsh*t, you ain’t gonna have us by the balls, we’re gonna pay you back’ … They know what they’re doing. They kind of do, I know. But, I love them. Honestly, I would not have chosen a better family for me.”

Remini further discusses with the Wake Up with Taylor crew some of the difficulties she has faced as a result on her decision to split from the Church of Scientology and the support she has received from her family.

“There were many, many reasons why I decided to do what I did, but I didn’t really think at the end of the day that I was gonna lose friends that I’ve had for life, or that our family would be asked to choose … For [my family] to have chosen to stick with me, says a lot about who they really are in my family.”

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