Laverne Cox speaks about her fears with OutQ’s Larry Flick

Actress and activist Laverne Cox, who stars on Orange Is the New Black, and who was recently the first transgender woman to cover TIME magazine,  joined OutQ‘s Larry Flick to discuss how she fears for her life, why she feels anointed, and how she sees her public role.

While she has spoken about her new role as an activist, Cox admitted to Flick that she fears for her life, both as a transgender woman, but especially with the increased public attention. “Yeah, I have, I definitely have moments. It’s funny ’cause I have a lot of trauma still, around having grown up, um, being chased home from school everyday and being bullied and being kicked on the street.”

She continued: “I often have moments throughout my life where I’m like, ‘Is somebody going to take me out today?'” Regardless of her daily fears, Cox said to protect herself, she just trusts that she will be taken care of and believes that perhaps “there is a plan that is much bigger than [she] can imagine.”

Cox went on to discuss why she feels transgender people are annointed. “I do feel that [transgender people] are anointed … I do feel anointed, yes. And it’s not because, it’s not because, I’m so special, I think, I think because I’m a child of God. I think we all are.”

Ultimately, she revealed: “This is my truth. I feel that we are all here for a reason, and that God has put us here for a reason and it is our job to align with that reason and that purpose.”

When asked by Flick about the transition from being a performer to being an activist, Cox said “I still don’t really think of myself as an activist ’cause there’s folks who are doing  that work everyday. To fight for the rights of disenfranchised folks. I’m a person who has a platform, who uses it to talk about things that I am passionate about.”

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