Lauren Conrad on what really went down with Sway’s famous ‘favorite position’ question

Lauren Conrad became a viral GIF when she answered a question about sex like a class-act boss during Sway in the Morning on Shade 45 (Ch. 45). While promoting her new book Celebrate, Conrad, 28, exclusively told SiriusXM what really happened during the exchange.

Prompted to reveal her “favorite position,” she responded, “CEO,” smiling coyly. Watch the full clip below now!

“I was doing Sway’s show, and at the very end you pick questions out of a hat. I don’t know if it’s from callers or just like a random thing of questions, and I picked what’s your favorite position. I responded CEO, because that’s my favorite position to have,” she explained. “And I felt really bad because people thought that he asked me, and he didn’t, I like drew it out of a hat. So I felt bad for him, but he’s very nice, very respectful of women.”

The former reality star is right: After she didn’t miss a beat, Sway Calloway responded, “I like that. Yes, yes yes! High five! CEO, that was dope.”

Celebrate is on shelves now, and you can listen to Sway in the Morning weekdays from 8am-12pm on Shade 45 (Ch. 45).

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