Laugh along with some of the best in Latinx & Hispanic comedy during these SXM specials

In honor of Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month, listeners can find some comic relief from your favorite Latinx comedians. Since Monday, September 14, SiriusXM’s comedy channels have been spotlighting Latinx comedy stars, including the audio premieres of five HBO Latino stand-up specials.

The coverage kicked off on Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Radio (Ch. 96), which featured an hour of Latinx programming starting at 9pm ET. Stand-up material from George Lopez, Joey Medina, Felipe Esparza, and many others can be heard On Demand.

The celebration continues on Raw Dog Comedy (Ch. 99). As of Tuesday, September 15, the channel has been premiering the audio from five HBO Latino stand-up specials throughout the week: Erik Rivera (Super White), Jerry Garcia (It’s Not My Weekend), Nick Guerra (Love Me At My Worst), Gina Brillion (Easily Offended), and Orlando Leyba (Adorbable). Hear some of the specials On Demand below.

All week long, Comedy Central Radio (Ch. 95) has been tapping into their vast archives to air the best comedy from Latinx artists in hour-long blocks. The channel is also showcasing several stand-up specials throughout the week featuring major talents, including Greg Giraldo, Gabriel Iglesias, Julio Torres, Cristela Alonzo, Shane Torres, and Al Madrigal. See the schedule below (all times in ET):

Monday, September 21 at 3pm — A jukebox hour of comedy celebrating Latinx and Hispanic comics from Comedy Central’s library

Tuesday, September 22 at 5pm — Half-hour specials from Julio Torres and Cristela Alonzo

She’s So Funny (Ch. 771) is featuring comedy throughout the week that pays tribute to the best Latina stand-up, as well as a special pop-up show, Los Weirdos with Carmen Lynch & Kyle Ocasio. Catch Los Weirdos On Demand below.

Keep the laughs coming with Laugh USA (Ch. 98). Tune in for the Hispanic Heritage Hour, featuring the best family-friendly sets from Latinx stand up comedians, on Friday, September 18 at 3pm ET, Saturday, September 19 at 11am and 4pm ET, Sunday, September 20 at 8am ET or anytime On Demand.

To round out the comedy mix, Comedy Greats (Ch. 94) is also broadcasting stand-up blocks and full specials from Latinx comedians all week long.

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