Larry the Cable Guy and Jim Breuer make each other giggle in our bad Joke-Off

Larry the Cable Guy voices hillbilly towtruck Mater in Disney’s beloved Cars franchise, films fit for families. And the comedian himself is a father … so when Jim Breuer stopped by SiriusXM, we asked the longtime friends to become competitors in a dad Joke-Off.

Armed with some of the Internet’s lamest puns — plus some original riffs — Larry and Breuer took turns delivering their best (or, in this case, worst) material to see who cracked up first.

Spoiler alert: Breuer’s experience as a Saturday Night Live character actor may have given him an unfair advantage.

Who won? Watch the Joke-Off below:

Cars 3 is in theaters now.

Hear more from Larry the Cable Guy on SiriusXM’s Jeff & Larry’s Comedy Roundup (Ch. 97).

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