Seinfeld co-creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David has etched his mockumentary style into comedy history, and he is currently Broadway bound, set to star in a new play this February – did we mention he wrote it?

However, leave it to the King of All Media to draw out David’s TRUE calling. But first thing’s first: David recently stopped on the Howard Stern Show to address whether Curb Your Enthusiasm fans can count on another season.

“I get asked that a lot. I’m so attached to the show that I can’t bring myself to say that there won’t be,” David said. “But I would say the odds are against it.”

Before you start protesting with Soup Nazi level intensity, realize that David has claimed he was through with projects before. In fact, he once stormed out of SNL (at 11:25 p.m. on a Saturday, no less) and ended up coming to the writer’s meeting on Monday, acting as if nothing happened.

“My sketches would do very well at the read-through. And then, they would invariably get cut, week after week,” David said. “Then, one night before the show, another sketch of mine was cut. And at 11:25 – five minutes before the show was to start – I had enough. So, Ebersole was sitting in the director’s chair, and he had headphones on … I marched over to him and said, ‘THIS F-CKING SHOW STINKS! IT STINKS! IT’S SH-T! I’M DONE! I’m GONE! F-CK THIS! I’M OUT!’… He just looked at me, and he nodded. And I stormed out.”

David told Howard he actually got his stand-up start taking acting classes. But David never intended to be a De Niro.

“I took an acting class,” David said. “I didn’t like the acting. I was in the class, but there was something about the acting I didn’t care for. I had to wait for somebody to finish talking before I could talk, and I wanted to keep talking … I didn’t like waiting to talk.”

So of course, it makes perfect sense for David to be starring in Fish in the Dark on the Great White Way (we’re kidding). Howard thought David was too when he told him his decision to take the stage like a true Broadway baby.

“Eight shows a week,” Howard said. “What are you doing?”

“Not a day goes by that I don’t say that to myself,” David said.

But we digress. So what is David’s true aspiration? To stand on the sidelines – and whip the New York Jets into shape as their head coach.

“Teams don’t go for it enough, I think on fourth down,” David said. “[They should be] going for it a lot more often than they do. I would be a fantastic coach, Howard … I could be a head coach.”

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