Lance Lynn looks back on his days in the Little League World Series

Every year, the sports world turns its attention to South Williamsport, Penn., for one of the most watched and anticipated baseball tournaments of the year. To those that aren’t familiar with the event, it may come as a surprise that there aren’t any big leaguers participating in this contest; instead, its competitors consist of kids from 11 to 13 years old. The 2014 Little League World Series concluded over the weekend with South Korea taking the title over Chicago’s Jackie Robinson West. Every year, the tournament is full of fascinating story lines; this season, it was female pitcher Mo’ne Davis who kept everyone glued to their televisions.

The tournament has taken place since 1947, and Major League Baseball has seen a number of players go from playing on the game’s biggest stage as children to playing in the show as adults. Among them is Cardinals starter Lance Lynn, who joined Jim Memolo and Todd Hollandsworth on First Pitch on MLB Network Radio to reflect on playing in the tournament.

As a 12-year-old kid, next thing you know you’re playing baseball and having a good time and then you’re on national television, you can’t see your parents because you’re living in dorms with all your teammates … It was fun. It’s something that you always remember. At the age of 12 years old I knew what I wanted to do, I knew that baseball was the route I wanted to go.

There’s no question that the Little League World Series is full of emotional moments. In any given game, the cameras will show shots of crying kids as teams are eliminated from the tournament. Is this too much pressure for kids at this age?

I think that you’re seeing that it might be for some kids. It’s just that when they get out there, it might be a little too much for them, but it’s a heck of a growing process because as you get older, especially if you keep playing sports and do things like that, it just helps you because you’ve been through it. Most of the time there’s going to be nothing bigger that what you’ve went through besides that when you’re 12 years old and if you can handle it and endure and enjoy what you’re doing, it definitely is worth it.

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