Lance Bass talks new *NSYNC album, and — WAIT, there’s a new *NSYNC album?!?

Lance Bass, former *NSYNC member and current host of SiriusXM’s Dirty Pop on OutQ, had no idea that his band’s label, Sony Legacy, had plans to release a best-of double disc titled The Essential *NSYNC. To which we say, um, WHAT??

That’s right: There’s a new *NSYNC record in town, and it comes almost one year after the group reunited (for, like, eight seconds) at last year’s VMAs.

“Our record label is releasing a new *NSYNC album. It’s a double album,” said Lance on Dirty Pop. “Sony Legacy — that’s our label now, ’cause I guess we’re, I guess, ‘legacy’; we’re old people now. One CD is all the hits, and the other is all of these random songs that hardly anyone ever heard (the stuff we did on Sesame Street, Wish Upon a Star Disney). I’m excited because there’s a lot of these songs I’ve never heard before. Our label didn’t even tell us!”

That’s OK, Lance. We’d be a little rattled, too. (Doesn’t anybody do album promotion anymore?! Oh, wait, nevermind. Beyoncé killed that.)

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