Lance Bass-produced documentary Kidnapped for Christ will air on Showtime

Former boy bander, sometimes actor and SiriusXM radio host Lance Bass can now add executive producer to his multi-hyphenate. On Dirty Pop with Lance Bass on SiriusXM’s OutQ, he announced that his award winning documentary, Kidnapped for Christ, just got picked up by Showtime.

The documentary, which premiered in January 2014 at the Slamdance Film Festival, details the experiences of teenagers who were forcibly removed from their homes and sent to Escuela Caribe by their parents. The school, located in the Dominican Republic, is owned by an evangelical organization based in Marion, Indiana called New Horizons Youth Ministries. The film focuses on David, a teenager sent to the school after telling his parents he is gay, Beth, who has a “debilitating anxiety disorder” and Tai, who is sent for behavioral problems.

“[Kidnapped for Christ] is a full-length feature. It’s won so many great awards at all the festivals. It won the Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature at Slamdance this year, and many other festivals have really given it some great awards. This one, I want everyone to see because this is one of those call-to-action documentaries that you didn’t know this was going on,” Lance said.

“Basically, it follows this teen reform center in the Dominican Republic and it’s called Escuela Caribe. Now, this school has just recently shut down. Mainly because I think they knew this doc was coming out. But, the thing is, there’s tons of schools just like it. This is just a cookie-cutter type school. These kids get kidnapped in the middle of the night and they don’t know where they’re going. Handcuffed, put on a plane, sent to the Dominican Republic and imprisoned in this school and their parents really don’t know what’s going on in there. And what’s so crazy about this, [the film] becomes an exposé.”

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