Ever since she had hip surgery earlier this year, Lady Gaga has been hiding out of the spotlight in very un-Gaga-like fashion. But everyone hoped it was only temporary, like a mad scientist sequestered in her lab to toil away on the next batch of Wonka-like Gaga genius.

Well, Monday she delivered. With the debut of the Applause music video–the first single off her new album ARTPOP–plus the ensuing media frenzy over whom she’s “copycatting” this time, and a very public Twitter feud with former bestie Perez Hilton, it was official: the Gaga show is back on the road and better than ever.

When she came in Monday morning to talk with Ryan, Nicole, Stanley and Rich on the Morning Mash Up! she held nothing back. Gaga gave up the goods on everything from the recreational habits she prefers over drinking and why she’s such a nudist, to the inspiration behind her new single and who she worked on it with.

“I had to really go back to a place of vulnerability and face a lot of things from my past that were difficult to face,” Gaga said about the minimalist version of herself that she’s presenting with this album. “I want to show everyone that I can be Lady Gaga without all the wigs and the makeup.”

But what came through in her interview, more than anything, was Gaga’s desire to do with music what Andy Warhol did with the visual–blur the line between pop culture and art.

“It’s a dance record but it’s not four on the floor. It has this interesting cadence,” she said before correcting Nicole who asked what other “celebs” can be heard on the album. “There’s no celebs [on it]. There’s artists and musicians on the record.”

Without giving too much away, Gaga did mention DJ White Shadow (her producer on ARTPOP and Born This Way) and Zed, a well-known DJ on the electronic dance music scene, who we predict is about to hit it big in the mainstream.

“These kids are really intelligent and incredible. This idea that DJs are beat makers is not true and it’s an unfounded opinion and what I was excited to do is work with these guys and turn what they do into pop record,” Gaga said.

Check out the clips below of Gaga’s visit to hear about that nudity we mentioned, and tune in to SiriusXM Hits1‘s Morning Mash Up! for more interviews with the top artists in pop music today.

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