Kylie Minogue talks returning to the spotlight post-cancer in ‘Iconography: Kylie Minogue’

Kylie Minogue recently stopped by SiriusXM for an interview with Larry Flick on OutQ to discuss everything from her gay fan base and learning self-confidence to her return to stage after her battle with breast cancer.

To start, Minogue commented on building a large gay fan base, which she called “very organic”: “Years and years and years ago, when I first released my first single, my first album, it did very well, but I did suffer at the hands of a lot of critics. It was harsh, and I felt like my gay audience kind of related to that somehow in that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I was just trying to be myself and I was being kind of attacked for that.”

Kylie also discussed finding confidence as a singer and how “It took [her] a long time” to become confident with her voice. “I had to work really hard. I had to really try and find the confidence when you’re about to go out and do a show when you feel like everyone is saying ‘You can’t sing’ or ‘You don’t sing’ and go and do another show. Through that, I just got experience … Now, I love the challenge of performance.” Ultimately, Minogue said: “I have my voice and that’s what I’ve accepted.”

Minogue later recalled returning to the stage post-cancer: “Wow, that was the real mixture of emotions. There were points in the show where I felt like the audience almost stopped breathing. I felt like they were thinking ‘Is she gonna make it through the show?’ It was really emotional.”

Hear the full interview on Iconography: Kylie Minogue, airing Saturday 6/21 at 10 am and 7pm ET and Sunday 6/22 at 2 pm and 10 pm ET on OutQ 109.

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