Kirwan: RG3 still Redskins’ starter because of where he was drafted

When your head coach takes to a public forum to pick apart your performance, your days as a starting quarterback in the NFL might be numbered.

That’s the situation Robert Griffin III is dealing with in Washington right now, as his head coach, Jay Gruden, took to the podium to question Griffin’s fundamentals in a Week 11 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. According to ESPN, Griffin said of his coach’s criticism, “Jay wants me to play better. I want to play better. We’re focused on San Francisco and making that happen.”

At this point, though, Griffin’s played so bad that he may be lucky to even have a job. SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Pat Kirwan argued that if Griffin weren’t a former No. 2 overall pick, he’d probably be on the sideline.

“If he was a fifth round pick, would he still have his job? Probably not. Would he still have his job if he was a second round pick? Probably not. Does he have his job because he’s performed exceptionally well? No,” Kirwan said. “He has his job because they gave away a lot, and they’ve terminated a coach with a reputation, Mike Shanahan, and they brought in a younger guy to get after this project, and get this project to be successful. … I’m cheering for him, but many guys that have been surrounded by these kind of numbers … they’d be gone by now.”

Kirwan said that in a “bottom-line business,” Griffin’s numbers don’t cut it.

“That guy, as a starter, is 4-14 in his last 18 starts,” Kirwan said. “That’s just the start. He’s thrown two touchdown passes this year in 100 throws. … That’s terrible. He’s sacked once every 7.5 pass plays – that’s worse. That’s not all his fault – there’s a lot of line issues there at times – but they’ve got quality receivers on that team.”

One of the biggest issues for Griffin during his first three seasons in the NFL has been his ability to stay on the field. Kirwan said Griffin needs to find a way to be a consistent participant in practice if he wants to develop.

“Since he was drafted, how many days of practice has he missed?” Kirwan asked. “Think about it. That guy missed the whole summer of Year 2. And he’s been hurt this year, and missed a ton of practice. So, for a guy in his third year … this guy hasn’t worked enough.”

“He is a work in progress, and I’m being kind here,” Kirwan added, and “he’s got a way to go to be able to be the kind of NFL quarterback that he needs to be.”

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