Kim Cattrall always knew SATC’s Samantha Jones would be single

In her new Netflix sitcom Sensitive Skin, Kim Cattrall plays a wife stuck in a mid-marriage crisis, a role quite different from her famous Sex in the City character, Samantha Jones, the free-loving, wise-cracking Manhattanite.

Although Davina Jackson (her Sensitive Skin character) is married, she revealed on EW Morning Live that she knew marriage wasn’t in the cards for Samantha Jones.

“I always believed that Samantha would be single,” she said in response to SATC creator Darren Star saying he never thought Carrie and Mr. Big would end up together.

She also sat down with Jenny McCarthy on Dirty Sexy Funny on to clarify that none of Samantha’s sexual exploits came from her own experiences.

“I have a totally different sexual appetite than Samantha,” she said. “I think most people do actually. So there were not a lot of sexual exploits that were plucked from my life.”

She did, however, acknowledge that her character Samantha broke barriers for women in Hollywood.

“I was 41 when I got that, which was an anomaly,” she told Jenny. “To get a role not just playing somebody’s mom or somebody’s crazy ass aunt or something like that was really new and exciting. I think that’s what cable has given us.”

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