Kevin Hitt, attorney Jasper Ward talk newest wrinkle in Counter-Strike gambling lawsuit

During Wednesday’s “IGN Esports Today,” Kevin Hitt broke down the latest on the the gambling scandal clouding  “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.”

A lawsuit filed against the video-game company claims Valve turned a blind eye, and possibly participated in an unregulated gambling scene that had popped up around their game. Over the holiday weekend, popular gaming YouTubers were revealed to be major players for a skin gambling site that they have promoted in their videos.

“There is just circumstantial evidence that leads me to believe these guys knew something that everybody else did not,” Hitt said.

Jasper Ward, an attorney for the plaintiff, also joined the show and weighed in on the issue.

“Because there’s this gambling market on the outside that they’ve helped create, has driven the value of those skins up to where they’re profiting off their fees they charge when they sell skins at the beginning,” Ward said.

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