Funny Girl: Kathie Lee Gifford talks to Frank DeCaro about day drinking + not doing porn… yet

Recently, the Today Show’s delightfully not-so-sweetheart Kathie Lee Gifford stopped by OutQ‘s Frank DeCaro Show, where she talked about everything from leaving Name That Tune for a local show with “a guy called Regis Philbin” to how she feels about SNL spoofing her and Today Show co-host Hoda Kotb.

“[I] couldn’t wait to join a guy named Regis Philbin at a show called The Morning Show back then. [I] never dreamed it would go national, never dreamed it would be so successful,” Gifford explained. “Everybody thought I shouldn’t leave that big national show to do a local show with Regis, and as usual, I follow my heart. I’ve never had some big career plan.”

Gifford even went on to share Philbin’s drink of choice, which may not be what you would expect from Big Man Reege.

“He’s not a wine drinker. He likes a Cosmo, which I’m embarrassed to tell you,” Gifford joked. “We are still great great friends. We have dinner about once a month or six weeks or so.”

Gifford herself prefers white wine and says that she and Kotb hardly ever drink from the glasses placed in front of them on the Today Show, as opposed to what SNL spoofs would have audiences believe. But don’t worry; Gifford would never “wig out” on Kristen Wiig’s drunken impersonations; she actually appreciates the skits.

“I’m just concerned if somebody thinks that we are there at 10 o’clock in the morning getting sauced everyday,” Gifford said. “That is ridiculous, you can’t even function. We save our heavy drinking ’til lunch.”

Day drinking jokes aside, Kathie Lee Gifford is seriously grateful to be in her fifth decade in the talk show business. How did she create such a long-lasting and successful career? Listen to her advice below!

“I think if you’re authentically you, people get to know you, and then they decide if they like you or don’t like you. And that’s fine either way. But the truth is, you’re going to have longevity if you’ve been authentic,” Gifford voiced. “You lose your credibility, you lose everything.”

True to her word, Gifford went on to candidly say that Kotb did shots in Russia during the coverage of the 2014 Winter Games.

“That was Hoda. That was Hoda doing the shots [during the coverage of the Olympics in Sochi], which I disapproved of and said so,” Gifford stated. “Hoda’ll do anything for a laugh. She worked at Dateline for 20-something years, let’s be honest.”

Is there anything Kathie Lee Gifford has yet to unveil during her half a century stint in the talk show world?

“Only thing I have not done in this business…is porn,” Gifford joked. “But the day is young!”

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