Karen Hunter channels ‘Party of Lincoln’ with fact checker & voter registration app

It’s a technological revolution! After meeting with Van Jones to learn about his initiative with Prince to get one million young African-American kids to learn to code, Karen Hunter launched a tech initiative of her own on The Karen Hunter Show.

Inspired by her weekly Tech Tuesday segment and the current political climate, Hunter decided to launch her own app: Party of Lincoln. In an interview on Sway in the Morning, she explained how she hopes to impact change through mobile devices.

“I didn’t want it to be a partisan thing and I didn’t want it to just be for this election cycle,” Hunter explained. “If you’re not really active in politics, Party of Lincoln app will help you learn about things that are happening.”

The app is a resource guide, a place where you will be able to register to vote, change your party affiliation and get information about the frontrunners in the 2016 campaigns—both nationally and locally. There is a fact-checker feature so you can know which political claims are lies.

During a political conversation with Mike Muse and Sway, Hunter described Donald Trump’s manipulation of the media this election cycle as a result of the “Kardashian era.” She elaborated by saying much of the rise of Trump and Bernie Sanders is linked to being in a “low information era” where people are unsure of the rules about how the electoral system actually works. Muse disagreed with Hunter about the source of frustration, instead saying it’s not that people aren’t sure of the rules, but rather that people are unhappy with how the system itself works.

No matter your political perspective, Hunter emphasized “there’s too much at stake here to obfuscate the election.”

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