Karen Hunter asks: Which race do you most identify with? Why?

In conjunction with Karen Hunter Presents RACE, a special focusing on whether race should be a construct in American society, we are interested in knowing how our listeners view themselves in relation to the categories offered under the Census.

This two-hour discussion takes a look at how race has shaped America. The obsession with race and racism is at the forefront of numerous events, from the Rachel Dolezal controversy to the skin-bleaching trends throughout Africa, Asia and The Caribbean, from the validity of a Black Lives Matter Movement to the rise in white supremacists groups and their call for a race war. Race is at the center of much that ails America and we attempt to dispel the “myth of race,” and start to look at a world where race—a made-up construct—is no longer a factor.

Hear it anytime On Demand at siriusxm.com/ondemand. And tune in live to Urban View (Ch. 126) on Monday, February 8th for Karen Hunter Presents RACE Part II, as we dig deeper into possible solutions that we can all take part in.

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