What’s Vampire Diaries creator Julie Plec’s favorite Klaroline moment?

Though this blogger is Team Stelena forever (or, you know, until Nina Dobrev’s character awakens in a tomb in 60 years), the Vampire Diaries fandom has largely shipped Elena with Damon and Stefan with Caroline.

But there’s also a burning desire to see Caroline reconnect with the villainous Klaus after their hot and heavy hookups on TVD before he moved on to lead the spinoff The Originals.

“It’s such a controversial couple, because one, they’re on two different shows, but that doesn’t stop people. Two, more importantly, he did some really, really bad things. Like, he killed her boyfriend’s mother. And I kind of feel like once you kill your boyfriend’s mother, it’s going to take some time,” creator Julie Plec, laughing, said while co-hosting EW Radio’s LA Daily on Tuesday. “The entire teen genre universe and vampire universe is filled with people who are perfectly willing to completely excuse vile, murderous behavior because, ‘Oh, he’s just misunderstood.’ Believe me, I am one of those people, I get it.”

So what’s her all-time favorite Klaroline moment?

“When we all fell in love with them in the first place, when he came in to heal her when she was sick and dying and it was essentially her birthday present, saving her life, and he just was so captivating and she was so innocent. It was like a classic vampire trope, that seducing man and that innocent girl,” said Plec, 43. “And it’s wildly sexist now that I say it out loud, but it’s still kind of awesome.”

Though the showrunner said the couple reuniting “definitely is not happening right now,” listen to the clip above to hear her tease about their future.

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