It was another great week for politics in Washington — well, maybe not for everyone. Here are some of the top stories from The Press Pool with Julie Mason on P.O.T.U.S Channel 124.

1) The GOP attracted a lot of smirks and scorn from Democrats with their plan to educate incumbent male elected officials on how to run against women candidates and avoid disaster. Anna Palmer from Politico explains:

2) The success of the Affordable Care Act increasingly depends on the willingness of the young and healthy to sign up for health coverage. But a new poll shows young people looking askance at President Obama these days. Ron Fournier from the National Journal breaks it down:

3) The RNC meant to send out a nice tweet commemorating Rosa Parks. Instead, they touched off a minor incident. Joe Madison, host of the Joe Madison Show on Urban View, Ch. 110, joined Julie in the Press Pool to discuss:

4) One of Julie’s least-favorite political cliches is the “bully pulpit,” but Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller assured her this week that the whole idea of the bully pulpit might be dead:

5) There was no shortage of personal remembrances of the late Nelson Mandela, but Julie heard some moving recollections from Chris Matthews, the host of Hardball on MSNBC, about his experiences in Africa serving in the Peace Corps.

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