No polar vortex doldrums here. The first week back from the holidays was a political monsoon of vendettas and more. It’s what we live to cover in the Press Pool on SIRIUSXM’s POTUS, Ch. 124.

Traffic studies: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was in quite a spot after the release of internal emails suggesting that a September lane closing at the George Washington Bridge was a score-settling prank hatched in his own office. Steve Strunsky from the New Jersey Star-Ledger joined Julie to discuss:

Political omerta: The pseudo-outing of a Republican congressman on Facebook raised an interesting point of discussion for political journalists about when it’s OK to name closeted elected officials — or even philanderers or drunkards. What’s the standard? Chris Geidner from Buzzfeed Politics has his own take:

Throwing the book at them: Former Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates had Washington all agog ahead of the release of a lacerating memoir of his years in the Bush and Obama administrations. Josh Kraushaar of the National Journal joined Julie for a little book discussion.

Ciao, Liz: Remember the Liz Cheney campaign for Senate? Neither do we. The Wyoming Republican, citing a family medical emergency and trailing badly in the polls, announced her surprise withdrawal from the race. Jon Ward from The Huffington Post had been working on a profile of Cheney and offered some unique insight into what went wrong.

Postcard from Hillaryland: Rick Berke from POLITICO joined Julie to talk about early feuds in the Hillary Clinton camps and the preliminary plans being made in the likely event that she runs for president.

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