Less than one year after UFC fighter Julianna Pena suffered what Jason Ellis called the “biggest knee explosion in the history of MMA,” the former winner of The Ultimate Fighter is cleared to return to the octagon.

Pena, who tore four of the five ligaments in her right knee on Feb. 6, 2014 during training, was on the Jason Ellis Show Tuesday when she revealed some breaking, exciting news.

“I’m like, 90, 95 percent there,” Pena told Ellis, regarding her health. “I went to the doctor today, they just told me whenever I’m ready. I’m just waiting for a call basically. I got cleared to fight today. Less than an hour [ago].”

Pena told Ellis that her approach in rehab was what led to a speedy recovery from such a devastating injury.

“I was just vigorous with my rehab. This is a personal battle that no one can help or do anything for me,” Pena said. “It’s more like a personal struggle. I had to get through it all by myself. It was a lot of physical therapy on my own, and just doing what they had asked of me.”

Now, Pena is just waiting for a call – “I already told them, I’ll take anyone, any time, any place, anywhere, let’s do this,” she said – even if the opponent is CM Punk:

“I’ll fight him too. I’ll tell him, ‘Fix your t-ts, b-tch. Let’s do this.'”

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