Judy Greer and Nat Faxon, who play husband and wife on the new FX comedy series Married, stopped by SiriusXM OutQ to chat with host Larry Flick about their real-life experiences with marriage. And when we say “experiences,” we mean pooping.

Before we continue, let’s first say that Nat has been married for eight years (and dated his wife for six before that), and Judy has been married for about two. When Larry brought up the subject of marital excrement, i.e., farting and pooping in front of your spouse (or girl/boyfriend), Nat proudly admitted that YES, he does both within earshot of his spouse. No shame.

Judy, on the other hand, sounded mortified at the prospect. In fact, she even admitted to having to use the hotel lobby bathroom when she’s out of town with her husband for privacy. “Even when we go away for a weekend, we’ll use the lobby bathroom in the hotel. I’d rather do it in a public restroom with, like, three stalls, where anyone can walk in, and not in that small hotel room bathroom,” Judy said.

Judy also expounded on a Married episode where she and Nat faced off over whether or not his character would use the bathroom with the door open.

“There’s an episode where we go away on a weekend together, and the scene is, I’m in bed when he comes out of the bathroom,” Judy said. “And we had a 20-minute discussion over him being in the bathroom with the door open or closed. And I was like, well, obviously the door is closed. And the director and our creator Andrew Gurland were like, ‘No, he’d be in there with the door open.’ And I was like, are you kidding me? So in 10 years, I have to look forward to that?”

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