Landry: ‘I’ve always been a physical player’

landry_jarvisMiami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry reportedly will apparently pay a price for the massive crack-back block he made on Buffalo Bills safety Aaron Williams last Sunday beyond the 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty it drew.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported that Landry is being fined $24,309 by the NFL.

‘I’ve always thrived off my physicality’

Although the fine didn’t come up during Landry’s appearance on the SiriusXM Blitz with Bruce Murray and Maurice Jones-Drew, he did talk about the mindset that led to his aggressive play.

“I’ve always been a physical player,” Landry said. “I’ve always thrived off of my physicality skill on the field. … It’s something that gets guys on my team going as well. It’s just how I play. It’s just how I’ve always played.

“You can look back on my high school career, even my college career.”


McCoy: Bosa has done a ‘really nice job’ for Chargers

AAAA Mike McCoy

Joey Bosa was worth the wait.

So far, the rookie defensive end has made a major impact for the San Diego Chargers, whom he avoided throughout the offseason and preseason through a difficult contract negotiation.

‘We were excited to get him in here and everyone’s seeing why’

Through seven games, he shares the Chargers’ team lead with four sacks.

“When we was away from us a little bit we all talked about how excited we were for him to get in here and how everyone’s seeing why,” Chargers coach Mike McCoy told Howard Balzer and Gil Brandt on Late Hits. “We all understood here how he was going to make us a better defense and a better football team, so very pleased with the way he’s come in and got pressure on quarterbacks, played the run. He’s done a really nice job for us so far.

‘The way he played the run was outstanding’

“He’s had great impact. One of the first plays he had in his first game that he played here, the first time they ran the ball on him, you just saw the way he played the run and it was outstanding. Great technique and you saw his length and everything you really like about him and the way he can play the run.

“It’s not always the sacks, either. There’s the pressures, it’s getting the quarterback off the point. We’re really pleased with where he’s at right now so far.”


Jones-Drew on Jaguars: ‘Gus is trying to do things, but it’s not working’

NFL Radio - 2014 TCT - Jaguars - HC Gus Bradley

As a former running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Maurice Jones-Drew has more than casual insight into the tenuous job status of the team’s coach, Gus Bradley.

There is speculation that, if the Jaguars were to lose to the Tennessee Titans Thursday night, Bradley could be out of a job.

‘Gus is in a tough situation’

At the very least, the Jaguars would need to make a strong run through the second half of the season in order to allow him to remain their coach.

“Gus is in a tough situation,” Jones-Drew told co-host Bruce Murray on the SiriusXM Blitz. “He has to win games. This is a you-have-to-produce league and he’s not producing wins. Now, granted, I feel like he’s one of the better coaches in this league, the way he goes about it. But you have a lot of things going on. Your quarterback’s not playing well. Your receivers are dropping passes. You can’t run the ball. The majority of your high picks … when you’re talking about your first-rounder, (defensive end Dante) Fowler, is not really producing at the level that we thought he should be producing.

‘I’m still involved with that team more than people know’

“They have a lot going on. I’m still involved with that team more than what people know. I still talk to the coaches a lot, I still talk to some of the players a ton. Like I said early on, when you have a really good draft and you have a lot of expectation, that’s pressure. And when you have pressure, guys tend to press a little bit. And even as a head coach, you’re the guy between the player and the ownership, so you can’t go out there and make plays. As much as you prepare a guy and you try to get guys going, you feel like you have a talented team, you can’t go out there and make those plays for those guys.

“Gus is trying to do things, but it’s not working. They have to figure out a way to make a run here to save some jobs. Otherwise, you know how this league is, they’re going to fire people at the end of the year.”

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