Jones-Drew: Cowboys’ O-line should be NFL MVP

Maurice Jones-DrewIf it were up to Maurice Jones-Drew, the NFL MVP wouldn’t be an individual from the league’s best team, the Dallas Cowboys.

It wouldn’t be rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott or rookie quarterback Derek Prescott, although he does think both deserve to be considered right up there with Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr and New England Patriots QB Tom Brady.

Jones-Drew’s choice?┬áThe entire Cowboys offensive line.

‘They don’t get enough attention’

“If there’s a way that whole O-line could get it, those five guys deserve to get that, hands down,” Jones-Drew told co-host Bruce Murray on the SiriusXM Blitz. “If you look at the way Dak Prescott has no one by him when he’s throwing the ball, it’s crazy. They don’t get enough attention, but I’d say Dak is probably like fourth (on the list of potential MVP candidates).

Prescott ‘second or third option with the game on the line’

“The thing about the most valuable player, you have to be the focal point. You have to be the guy that when the game’s on the line, you’re the first option. He may be the second or third option with the game on the line. You know, first, they’re going to try to get the ball to Ezekiel Elliott. We saw that against Pittsburgh.

“Second, they’re going to try to force the ball to Dez on a fade or something like that.”

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