John Stockton had a back-in-my-day moment this week on SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio – one that probably resonated with a significant percentage of NBA fans.

During an interview with Ric Bucher, the former Utah Jazz point guard called the NBA “soft,” and took a shot at the role acting plays in the game today.

“The game is softer. You can’t touch anybody anymore,” Stockton said. “I think it kind of offends me in some ways when these guys dribble down the lane and they get touched by a finger, when I used to have Magic Johnson‘s whole grip and hand on my hip, and he would try to control you with that hand. Derek Harper, a lot of great players, and you had to learn to deal with that. And I enjoyed that challenge.”

The approach referees take to calling soft fouls has made life difficult on defenses, Stockton said. But there is one team that has found a way to find and maintain success on the defensive side of the ball.

“Boy, you can be in foul trouble if you even attempt to play defense. And that’s why I enjoy the Spurs so much: They’ve found a way to play defense without suffering the foul bug.”

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