John Oliver probably hates this coverage of his Howard Stern Show interview

We’ve got the juicy details about John Oliver’s sex life!

Oliver, the host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight and former Daily Show correspondent, stopped by the Stern Studios on Wednesday to talk with Howard Stern about – what else? – his luck with women before getting married.

“Howard, is this the face of a man who’s been involved with a lot of women at any point in his life?”

OK, maybe not so much “luck.”

“I was able to focus on things other than women,” Oliver quipped. “Women made that clear.”

Not that Oliver blamed his schoolmates for their lack of romantic or sexual interest.

“I think I could see their point of view,” Oliver said, “Because if you look at the people that they’re attracted to – the people that can throw things far, and kick things accurately, and whose face is symmetrical – you go, ‘Yeah, you’re right, obviously!'”

What resulted, Oliver said, was “a regular sadness. An overwhelming, persistent sadness.”

Oliver did manage to shed his virginity at 17 or 18 years old, he told Howard. In fact, Oliver revealed, “No transaction was made” in the process. That didn’t turn the late-night host into a regular player, though.

“This sexual confidence that you refer to makes no sense to me,” Oliver told Howard. “Again, I’m a comedian with this face, Howard. If I had confidence, it would be misplaced.”

(OK, Oliver also spoke with Howard about the historic election in India, and how he decides what to cover each week on his show. Those clips are embedded below. Enjoy.)

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