National Fantasy Football Draft Day is less than 72 hours away. Chances are, if you’re a major fantasy football player, you’ll be drafting at least one team sometime this weekend. To help, John “The Guru” Hansen offered up his five-point drafting plan Tuesday on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio.

A quick outline:

  1. Hold off a little on quarterbacks. “You want to get value here,” Hansen says.
  2. You want impact players!
  3. At this point in the draft season, look for teams with good vibes. Good example of a team with bad vibes? The Arizona Cardinals, according to Hansen.
  4. Focus on depth. You basically want to draft two teams, Hansen advises, to account for injuries.
  5. Don’t reach on players, and don’t try to be a hero!

Listen to the full plan, with examples and more tips, from Guru:

To celebrate National Fantasy Football Draft Day, SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio will be hosting the Hometown Fantasy Football Draft Party in Centerville, Ind. The party, featuring Brad Russell’s “Fantasy Footballers League,” airs starting at 1 pm ET on XM channel 87 and Sirius channel 210.

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