Since his ban from baseball in 1989, all-time hits leader Pete Rose has maintained his claim that he never bet on baseball as a player. After 26 years, Rose’s claim has been disproved, as a report by Outside the Lines indicated Rose did indeed bet on his team, the Cincinnati Reds, during his playing career.

John Dowd, who fronted the investigation against Rose that ultimately led to his lifetime ban, spoke about the recent story on SiriusXM’s MLB Network Radio, and pointed out what evidence was included that he didn’t have in his original report in the late ’80s.

“We proved it in spades, but we didn’t circumstantially,” said Dowd. “What we did not have was the last piece of the puzzle, the actual betting records of Bertolini in ’86, with taking Pete’s bets on baseball and on the Reds.”

Dowd also spoke about why he supports the MLB’s ban blocking Rose from getting into the Hall of Fame.

“He’s done nothing to reconfigure his life, which is what [A. Bartlett] Giamatti required,” said Dowd. “I’m not aware of anything that indicates Pete has redeemed himself, cleaned up his act, stopped gambling … I mean, he hasn’t even been honest about his own behavior, so there’s no reason to admit him to the game.”

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