Joel Osteen talks about dealing with doubt in SiriusXM kick-off with fans

Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria recently joined SiriusXM for Joel Osteen Radio to the excitement of their church and even their more secular fans. Because who couldn’t use a little inspiration now and again? And to kick things off they joined a live audience in the SiriusXM New York City studios to take questions and talk about their new channel.

An important question, one audience member asked Joel and Victoria, why SiriusXM and why now?

“We’ve always had a desire to reach out and touch people outside the church world. SiriusXM is big and broad and it’s nationwide. It just felt right that someone flipping in their car, they need a boost for the day, they need a little inspiration that they could turn it on … I just think it’s another opportunity of God’s favor … and it just feels right. Our message is about lifting people up and using any means we possibly can,” Joel said.

Another question that Joel answered was about faith and whether or not he’s ever had doubts about his own?

“I can’t say that I’ve doubted my faith. I’ve always been positive and optimistic but in my difficult times I’ve always been drawn closer to God. Some people go away from him. But in those times I try to teach people to go to God.”

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