Joe Manganiello talks ‘Magic Mike XXL,’ sexualized roles & more with Larry Flick

Last week we heard from Magic Mike XXL’s Matt Bomer on The Frank DeCaro Show, and now we hear from his co-star Joe Manganiello on OutQ with Larry Flick. See some of what he had to say, and check him out in theaters July 1!

On what he was hoping for his character, Big Dick Richie, in the sequel:

“I think as an actor you look for an arc … you can start somewhere and go somewhere. I think I got that in several different ways. He arcs in terms of being a male entertainer. He starts somewhere as a male entertainer and in a higher state of conscious (he’s on drugs) he winds up kind of finding the key to unlocking his inner dancer in this kind of pivotal scene in the middle of the script. I also got a romantic arc this time around, which is fun, playing opposite the lovely Andie MacDowell.”

On how the public views him as an actor because of his recent sexualized roles:

“I’ve been at this for about 22 years, and I’d say that in the mainstream I’m judged on my work of the past five. … I think that there is a bit of hysteria because of the sexualized nature of these roles, but the great part about it is that I now have choices. For the first time in my career, I’m not taking whatever comes my way to be a working actor, which was the case in those 17 years prior. I now have choices because of these great roles in these great projects. … I don’t think that all of a sudden playing the role on True Blood and now in Magic Mike nullifies the 17 years of classical theater prior to that. … If i’m supposed to sit here and apologize, then that’s not going to happen. I’m probably more proud of this movie than anything I’ve ever done. I certainly had more fun doing it.”

On what originally turned him on to theater:

“I think initially it was the idea of being able to wear a mask, not having to be me or getting a break from myself and getting to play somebody else. … But I think as I got older and matured a little bit, the paradigm shifted, and it became about telling the truth, having a real honest, human reaction. You get a break from that, I think, with Magic Mike [XXL] — not to say that I’m not giving honest moments, but I think that you get to make people laugh in a film like this that you very rarely get to do on stage.”

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