Jimmy Kimmel’s heartfelt poem to Howard

Jimmy Kimmel appeared on The Howard Stern Show Monday with a little surprise for Howard and Ronnie Mund.

Kimmel, who hosted the Howard Stern Birthday Bash in January, revealed that he wrote a poem for Howard that he intended to read at the bash, but didn’t get the opportunity. The poem was written in Ronnie Mund’s style – if you remember, in 2011, Mund read a poem titled Winter on the show.

This time, Kimmel found the opening to read the poem.

The full text:

Howard, this is the night of your birthday show
And off to celebrate we go
In the snow
With your beautiful wife Beth O.
Tonight we have your party for your big six-oh.
Howard is a special kind of guy who brings a laugh and a smile
On to our face
And he makes the world a special place.
Hey, I wonder what happened to Scott DePace.
Howard is how come we enjoy them all.
And he is tall.
Happy birthday Howard
Let’s party hardy.
I’m proud to be your bodyguard.
I’m gonna put a candy cane up your ass and make you …

… maybe we’ll stop there.

Anyway, after the spoken-word performance, Howard 100 News reporter Shuli Egar caught up with Ronnie for reaction.

“I’m gonna shove that mic up your ass one day, I swear to God,” Mund said as Shuli approached him.

After tensions cooled, Ronnie improvised a poem on the spot for Kimmel.

It’s Monday morning and Jimmy Kimmel’s here
And who gives a g–d— sh–
For all we fear.
It’s Jimmy Kimmel and he’s here.

Mund did relent, eventually.

“I’m very impressed,” he said. “I know Jimmy’s a big fan of mine. He keeps it in, but today, he let it out.”

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