As Jimmy Eat World drummer Zach Lind exhibited Thursday on SiriusXM Fantasy Football. there are few people more passionate than a fantasy football player.

John Hansen jokingly asked Lind which he’d rather: a fantasy football championship, or a Grammy. Lind, after careful consideration, said he’d take the former.

“That’s a tough one, you know,” Lind said. “I’ve always felt like, in a sense, Grammys and music awards are totally useless. There’s no real merit. It’s hard to sort of judge art. To say that one record or one album is objectively better than another has always seemed really silly to me.

“But that said,” Lind continued, “There is a sort of value in having a Grammy because for whatever reason, peoples’ perceptions of an artist or a musical group that has a Grammy goes up, so maybe that means you make a little more money. But I think I’d probably just go ahead and go with the fantasy championship. Because once you win that championship, you can talk crap to the other guys and the other ladies for the rest of your life.”

Lind also spoke with Hansen about his favorite NFL team, the Arizona Cardinals, and suggested one wide receiver that may have a breakout season.

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