Jimbo Fisher to Jameis Winston: You gotta make better decisions

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston has surely proven himself on the football field, winning the Heisman Trophy in his freshman year and delivering the Seminoles the 2014 BCS Championship.

Unfortunately, he has made headlines for other reasons that aren’t so glowing. Remember the crab legs?

The latest incident occurred earlier this week when Jameis, participating in an bawdy internet trend (NSFW), got up on a table and yelled vulgar remarks.

Naturally, social media was all over it and it became national news, resulting in Winston’s suspension for the first half of Saturday’s game against Clemson (UPDATE: On Friday, FSU changed course, suspending Winston for the entire game). Winston has also since apologized.

On Thursday, Florida State Seminoles coach Jimbo Fisher joined SiriusXM College Sports Nation‘s The College Football Playbook with Jack Arute and Rick Neuheisel and talked about his conversation with Jameis following the incident:

[I told him] you can’t do what normal people do. There were other students doing it there, but you cannot. You are wrong. You are Jameis Winston. We live in a glass house. You can’t do the things other people do. He was having fun, but I do not justify it. You gotta make better decisions. You were wrong.

Fisher went on to talk about how Winston has some maturing to do, and that is what leads to these behavior issues.

“See I think the Heisman Trophy may mean more to all of us than it does to him, and I don’t mean that in disrespect to the Heisman,” Fisher said. “He still sees himself as Jameis. We see him as Jameis the Heisman Trophy winner, and that’s what he needs to see, in my opinion, because that’s when the actions will change.”

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