Jim Kessler, the Senior Vice President for Policy and a co-founder of Third Way (a Washington, DC-based public policy think tank), joined Ari Rabin-Havt Friday morning on The Agenda to defend his Wall Street Journal op-ed, co-written with Jon Cowan entitled “Economic Populism Is a Dead End for Democrats.“

The article, which touches on Elizabeth Warren’s 2012 election to the Senate and her support of the bill to increase social security benefits, stirred up quite a bit of controversy, summoning such fevered responses as “Elizabeth Warren and Centrist Democrats Are Already At War.“

Responding to whether he and Cowan wrote the article to “take Elizabeth Warren ‘down a peg,’” Kessler rejected that narrative.

“She is a very compelling elected official and national figure. Her involvement in that particular bill, we just looked at it and said ‘OK, this seems to be starting to get out of hand.’”

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