After finishing the 2014 season with the National League’s best record, the Washington Nationals were a popular World Series pick coming into the 2015 Season.

Fast forward to August, the Nationals are under .500 and have struggled offensively since the All-Star break.

Now with less than a third of the season remaining, can the Nationals turn it around and get back into the playoffs this year? MLB Network Radio’s Jim Bowden doesn’t think so.

“You look at the numbers on this team outside of Bryce Harper, there’s no one having a good year,” Bowden said. “This has been a bad team. They don’t deserve to win, they don’t deserve to go to the postseason. If you want to talk about postseason teams, it’s called the Mets, it’s called the Cubs, it’s called the Pirates, it’s called the Cardinals, it’s called the Dodgers and the Giants. Those are the teams we should be talking about. The Nationals? We can talk about them next spring.”

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