Jessica Lange chats surprising new project and American Horror Story

Pop quiz! What does American Horror Story Season Three’s powerful witch Fiona Goode have in common with children’s books? Hint: it has to do with one legendary actress.

Give up? The multi-talented Jessica Lange, of course! Recently Lange stopped by The Sam Roberts Show on The Opie & Anthony Channel to chat all about her latest project, the children’s book, It’s About a Little Bird.

The book – which Lange wrote in just a day – actually started off as a personal handmade Christmas gift for her granddaughters. Lange shot and used an old-school method of hand tinting all the original photography for her book; revealing that photography has actually been her passion for the past 15 years.

“What drew me to photography… was that it was the perfect antidote for film making or stage work,” she said.

What was also on the agenda for the interview? Everything from American Horror Story, to her appearance in the YouTube viral hit The Name Game, to what it was like working with Robert De Niro in Cape Fear, to… tattoos.

Listen in on the interview in its entirety below:

Don’t forget to tune in to The Sam Roberts Show on The Opie & Anthony Channel, Ch. 53.

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