Jessica Alba on motherhood, ‘slutty Barbie dolls’ + getting gritty for Sin City

Actress Jessica Alba joined SiriusXM Hits 1 on The Morning Mash Up to talk about her two most cherished and important titles in her life — mother and actress — specifically discussing her role as Nancy in the film Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

“I’m missing [my daughters] terribly these last four days. Sometimes they’ll be like ‘Oh, that’s mommy,’ then ‘There’s water. Can I have a sandwich? Mom, I need a croissant.’ It’s, like, nothing. Havey is into babies, everything’s baby and she just had her third birthday and so she got a lot of them, lot of babies and she likes to take care of her babies. Honor is trying to pretend like she’s into Monster High and Equestria Girls, I don’t know, they’re like these slutty Barbie dolls … As far as like kid stuff that they like, I don’t know about it until my daughter wants to dress like them.”

“It’s so cool to play a character who goes from being this innocent, sweet damsel in distress in the first movie, and then so many years later come in and play this girl who is just distraught and ruined, but then finds herself and then gets revenge and becomes a warrior. She really makes like a really cool transformation.”

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