Jerry Jones on Tony Romo: ‘If given a chance, he’s ready’

NFL Radio - 2014 TCT - Jerry JonesJerry Jones feels good about the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback situation, first, because of how well rookie Dak Prescott has performed in leading the team into the postseason.

The Cowboys’ owner/general manager also feels good because he has veteran Tony Romo as the backup.

‘We’ve got a little depth at quarterback’

“By the way, if given a chance — and I know this will shake some heads — but I’m going to tell you something, he’s ready,” Jones told Alex Marvez and Bill Polian on Late Hits. “So we’re going into our next last two ballgames, we’re going into the playoffs, and I’m telling you we’ve got a little depth at quarterback.”

Jones said Romo revealed his true character when he read from a prepared statement on Nov. 15 acknowledging the fact that Prescott earned the right to be entrenched as the Cowboys’ starter and Romo accepted his reserve role, despite how difficult that was for him as a competitor.

‘He took everybody off the hook’

“That wasn’t done for the cameras, that’s the way he feels,” Jones said. “The competitor in Tony, he’ll shoot nickels with you … he loves to compete. And that’s what made it so special for him to step up and really, for the team, but for everybody involved — he took the coaches off the hook; whatever hook I’m on, he took me off … he took everybody, Dak, everybody, off the hook when he said, ‘This is Dak’s job. He’s earned it. I’m going to back him up, I’m going to give him tips every chance I get. I’m going to make that scout team look as close as any of these opposing quarterbacks would look. I’m going to do everything I can to help us win football games.’

“Now, that wasn’t for the show. That was for his teammates and the fans to understand where he is. And that was real. And that’s the way he feels.”

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