She’s a former playboy model, a  former co-host for the ABC television show The View and she’s even a bestselling author. But she’s just getting started. This week, Jenny McCarthy launched her new Show Dirty, Sexy, Funny weekdays on SiriusXM Stars from 10 am to 12 pm ET. While making the rounds at SiriusXM to announce her new show, McCarthy visited the Jason Ellis show where she revealed the richest deal she was ever offered.

“When I was a playmate, they had this agent who would go around and try to find beautiful women, pageant women and playmates, and the [agent] came around and said, ‘Any of you girls wanna go? What it is, is that you’ll go to a party and we fly you there. We give you $100, 000 in jewelry and there will be 2,000 of the most beautiful women at this party … after the party you go back to your room, you’ll get a phone call. If the phone rings you have to go and have sex with this person but sometimes the phone never rings and you don’t have to have sex and you still get paid the $100,000,'” McCarthy recalled.

So what do you think she did?  “I was like are you f*king crazy like no way, I even said when I went to Hollywood I would never f*ck anyone for a role or anything, maybe for a pair of nice shoes once, but not for that,” she joked.

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