It started out as a friendly round of the newlywed game. Or, should we say, Jenny’s version of the newlywed game, which wasn’t friendly as much as it was feisty. But it turned into a major love fest right in the SiriusXM studio during her show Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy when she and fiance Donnie Wahlberg broke into song.

Jenny started off by asking Donnie which of her friends he is most attracted to (and like a true gentleman/smart person he gave a non-answer), then she asked him if he knew her favorite sex position (hint: woof, woof), which he didn’t answer but he did say his favorite (hint: Jenny is gettin’ taken care of).

But then, it got all sappy and oh-so sweet when Jenny asked Donnie what their song is and the lovebirds broke into a duet. Watch below as Jenny starts them off and Donnie shows he knows every word to their ballad–Mmm, we thinks the song for their first wedding dance is a done deal.

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