Jenny McCarthy applauds Meghan Trainor after ‘Me Too’ Photoshop fail

Meghan Trainor became a bonafide pop star with her body positivity anthem All About That Bass — so it’s no surprise she was miffed when her curves got manipulated.

Trainor, 22, pulled the music video for Me Too on Monday morning after seeing that her waist had been slimmed down in the editing process. (A new version has since been posted.)

And Jenny McCarthy is proudly riding the M-Train.

“A lot of people will say, ‘Who cares?’ Personally, her messaging has always been about body acceptance, so for them to f— with her when she’s been about body acceptance, I could absolutely understand why this strikes a nerve for her,” she said Tuesday on Dirty, Sexy, Funny. “And in fact, one of the reasons why I like her is — well, she’s a great singer — but also the fact she’s like, ‘I’m perfect the way I am,’ and God bless her.”

McCarthy, 43, has been vocal about the problem with Photoshop in the past.

“I’ve come up in many interviews and talked about whenever I’ve done a magazine layout or cover, saying obviously you can see — the people that know me — the airbrushing difference,” she said. “And I’ve had magazines get pissed off at me before, and the CEO going, ‘Wow, we thought you were part of our family here at Blank Magazine, but I guess not anymore for calling us out on our Photoshopping.’ And I said, ‘You know what, I am very honest, and I’m self-deprecating, and I like to show people that I have flaws and I’m not perfect.”

The one time McCarthy felt grateful for a little retouching magic? When she posed naked for Playboy and had her C-section scar removed.

“I didn’t think that would have been very sexy or appropriate,” she said, laughing.

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