J.Lo talks being starstruck by Bruno Mars, getting over a breakup + what she likes in a guy

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Jennifer Lopez joined SiriusXM Hits 1 Morning Mash Up for a Town Hall where she talked about everything from her last starstruck experience to her current love interest(s) to collaborating with T.I. and relating to Hollywood power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Now, who would have thought that someone as famous as Lopez could still get starstruck? Well, she does. (Stars! They’re just like us!) During her Town Hall, Lopez shared a story about being totally starstruck by Bruno Mars one year at The Grammys.

“We were at The Grammys… and Bruno Mars walks in. And he’s takin’ a drink of something. I was like, ‘Wow, there’s Bruno Mars!’ At that time, I was singing to my son ‘Just The Way You Are.’ I would sing it to him almost every night. And I was like [to Bruno], ‘Look, you have to see this!’ And I showed him a video of my son singing it with me, and [Bruno] was like, ‘Oh, yeah, nice.’ He didn’t seem that impressed [laughs].”

And speaking of J.Lo’s partners, it’s recently become common knowledge that Lopez has recently ended her relationship with ex-boyfriend Casper Smart. Which, of course, led one audience member to ask if she had her eye on anyone else. (Spoiler: She doesn’t.)

“I’m good right now. Let’s just say that we just got out of a relationship, and there needs to be time for reflection and alone time.”

But for those interested in trying to win her over, take notes! Here’s what Lopez likes in a guy:

“I don’t like pretension at all. I don’t like anything that’s false. I like to laugh, I like somebody who’s funny, who can make me laugh. There’s a lot of things. They gotta be good.”

The star also dished on her collaboration with T.I. on the title track to her album, A.K.A.

“I was finished with the album, and I knew I was going to name the album A.K.A., and we’re listening to the final mixes right before we master the album and I go, ‘This song needs something, it needs T.I..”

“Gilly, who works with me, said ‘You know that guy that you just did this video with was [T.I.’s] music director and he’s in town, let me call him.’ … Two in the morning she calls the music director, Mars, and he picks up … [Gilly] calls back and she was like ‘[T.I.’s] in the studio right around the corner, he’ll be here in five minutes.’ … Literally seven minutes later, he walks in the door … After the song’s over, he just looks at me and goes, ‘So you want me to do it right now?'”

Lopez discussed how she and ex-husband Marc Anthony would feel like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie when they would go out together with all of their kids.

“When I was married to Marc, he had two boys and then he had a girl and step son, so there was six. So we went out and it was like Angelia and Brad, all of us. And so we had that kind of labor and I have to say I did love it at that time.”

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