Jay Leno Town Hall: Political correctness, the 2016 election, childhood stories + more with host Jamie Foxx

Jay Leno, a longtime host of late night television, was on the receiving end of questions this time around on SiriusXM’s Town Hall series. Hosted by The Foxxhole‘s Jamie Foxx, the latest installment of the series took place right in Leno’s garage.

Promoting his new television series, Jay Leno’s Garage, the comedian was in full form as he shared plenty of amusing anecdotes starting from his days as class clown, through his long run as host of the Tonight Show.

“It was Ms. Allen’s class in fourth grade, and she was talking about Robin Hood, and she said how Sheriff Nottingham was an evil man, and he would often boil people in oil,” said Leno. “I put my hand up and I said ‘You know why he did that to Tuck?’ and she said ‘No, why?’ ‘Because he was a Friar.'”

He then spoke about his late-night feud with David Letterman, and whether there was truly any animosity between the two.

“Letterman and I, I think, had a mutual admiration,” he said. “I think he took some performing skills from me, and I took some writing skills from him.”

Leno later addressed a recent hot topic among comedians: the effect of political correctness on comedy.

“It is kind of chilling because it’s never the people in the audience that get upset at the joke, it’s always somebody who it was emailed to, or Tweeted, or whatever,” he said. “I don’t think it’s gonna last. I think people are going to get fed up with it.”

When asked to riff on the 2016 presidential candidates, Leno couldn’t resist cracking a few jokes.

“Jeb Bush and [Donald] Trump, it’s kinda like the race between the tortoise and the bad hair,” said Leno, “Hillary [Clinton] was given a very prestigious award by the Elton John Foundation: She was voted ‘The Future President Most Likely To Look Like Elton John.’ And Bernie Sanders, actually fascinating. If Bernie Sanders is elected president, he’ll be the first Socialist elected president since 2008.”

Leno then looked back on what sparked his passion for cars and how that eventually led to his current world class collection and new TV series on CNBC.

“I was 15 and a half years old, I’m riding my bike uptown because uptown was seven miles, ” he said. “An hour and ten minutes later, I pull up. Everybody’s gone, the Dairy Queen was empty, there’s nobody there and I realize ‘This sucks, I gotta get a car.'”

The SiriusXM Town Hall with Jay Leno airs Wednesday 10/21 at 9 pm ET on The Foxxhole (Ch. 96).

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