Jason Ellis wants to fight CM Punk; ‘I’m better than him’

As we wait to find out who CM Punk’s first opponent will be in the UFC Octagon, the Jason Ellis Show already has his second opponent picked out: Jason Ellis.

Tuesday, during an interview with Rashad Evans, Punk’s name came up. Ellis took the opportunity to talk some smack, and issue a challenge.

“I would totally fight him. I’m better than him,” Ellis said. “Stand-up, I’ll f-cking destroy him. … I think I’m better on the ground. My wrestling’s better because I’m from Team Quest. You’re not going to stop me. I can sprawl like everybody else. And my jiu-jitsu, it’s not a good idea for me to submit you, but I don’t make mistakes. I’ve got good fundamentals, I can get back up. If I get back up, you’re going to sleep for sure.”

Ellis promised that he’d deliver a show for the fans, too.

“I hit real hard, too. I’ve got heavy hands. Everybody says that,” Ellis said. “And I can take a punch, which means we can have a show. … I’m for the fans.”

“I don’t think his face can take it,” Ellis continued, referring to the two fighters’ stand-up. “I know my face can take it.”

Evans told Ellis he’d love to see it. We agree. Maybe Punk and Dana White will feel the same …

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