Jason Biggs, Jenny Mollen + Tammy Pescatelli play ‘Dick or Disaster?’ with Jenny McCarthy

Jason Biggs, who’s perhaps best known for his leading role in the American Pie franchise and, more recently, Orange is the New Black, joined his wife Jenny Mollen, author of the just-released book I Like You Just the Way I Am, to talk about “dicks and disasters” and the post-marital decline in their sex life (among other things) on SiriusXM Stars‘ Dirty Sexy Funny with Jenny McCarthy.

3. Rihanna: McCarthy revealed, “I have such a girl crush on her,” and Mollen added, “I kind of think she’s okay, I heard she’s cool!”

4. Britney Spears: McCarthy has a “soft spot for her” and Mollen “wants her to be okay…she’s a dick magnet.”

5. Lindsey Lohan: Mollen answered without hesitation, “disaster.” McCarthy told her guests, “I sat next to her in a club one time and she asked me my name 15 times.”

6. One Direction: Jason claimed he isn’t “knowledgeable enough,” and McCarthy asked, “If you make it famous as a kid, are you destined to be a dick?” [NOTE: most of the stars that McCarthy chose for her game started out as young child actors and/or singers!]

7. Miley Cyrus: McCarthy claimed, “I think shes trying to be the Madonna of her generation.” Jason thought that “she’s doing some crazy sh*t now…but she doesn’t seem like a dick.”

8. ‘Baby Kardashian Girls’: McCarthy didn’t know their actual names, so Jason surprisingly corrected her, “Their names are Kylie and Kendall.”

10. Tara Reid: Previously co-stars with Jason in the American Pie movies, Tara now stars in the Sharknado TV movies. Jason explained, “Tara is not a dick at all… I saw her recently, and I really think that there’s a lot of good stuff happening in her life… She’s on a bigger press tour for [Sharknado] than any of the American Pie movies we did. And we did some crazy f*cking, private jet, round-the-world craziness. Shark-f*cking-nado, it is massive… Her sh*t’s together, she’s like, I’m f*cking working, I’m doing this press tour, I’m doing my thing. I will say she was never ever a dick, if at any point she was a mess, she was never a dick.”

After the game, McCarthy asked Biggs and Mollen how their newborn baby is ruining their life. According to Mollen, “He’s changed things dramatically, that’s for sure. When you have a young baby who isn’t letting you sleep, the last thing you want to do is go out and get crazy.”

When McCarthy asked whether or not their baby has slowed down their sex life, Mollen said, “No, our sex life was slowed down by just being married for as long as you’ve been married.”

Finally. McCarthy told a few stories about her son, Evan, aka “the most wonderful kid in the world” who “busts her chops constantly.” “[Evan] loves to out me everywhere and tell people sh*t that they shouldn’t, like paparazzi — when he sees them, he beat up one and then he turns around and says, ‘They’re going downstairs and by downstairs, I mean hell!’ Like, he said that on the red carpet.”

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