Jason Biggs and wife Jenny Mollen talk dirty with Larry Flick on OutQ

SiriusXM OutQ host Larry Flick tuned in with Orange Is the New Black star, Jason Biggs and his wife and newly published writer, Jenny Mollen to talk about their new projects and… their sex life. Mon dieu!

In their talk, Flick and Biggs kvetch over Orange Is the New Black’s success, and how lucky Biggs feels for the positive response to the show.

“There’s just this sense that I’m part of something that people really like and respect and that’s just a great feeling when that happens,” he said. He also shared the impact that OITNB has had on his acting career: “I do feel that this is me starting to grow into roles that are more mature and more complicated.”

Joining the interview was someone we may not be as familiar with but who is just as bawdy–*cough* apple pie *cough*–Jason’s wife Jenny Mollen! Mollen discussed her recently published book of comedic essays, I Like You Just the Way I Am, which she says is about not doing the right thing. And it gave Flick plenty of material to dig into their marriage.

“My take on you from our conversations and my spidey-sences is that you’re actually very shy, you just need to warm up,” Flick said to Biggs. “My take on Jenny is that she gets away with murder because she’s veeerrrry cute, pretty much gets whatever she wants, which means she wants everything.”

Suspicions which Biggs confirmed. “She gets away with a lot, you kinda nailed it on the head.”

Mollen also shares the inspiration behind one of the stories featured in her book. She describes how she “became this veracious sexual being” after reading 50 Shades of Grey. “[I decided there was] something missing in our sex life that these people seem to capture, and I think that’s toys, so I went to the sex shop …”

Listen to parts of Flick’s uncensored and raunchy interview with both Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs below:

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