Jane Sanders: Clinton campaign is ‘more undermining than we had ever seen before’

Jane Sanders says the Hillary Clinton campaign is distorting and misrepresenting her husband’s record.

“The Clinton campaign has been a lot more undermining than we had ever seen before,” the wife of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders told SiriusXM POTUS host Julie Mason.

“What do you mean by that?” Mason asked.

“Right after Wisconsin, when he won the eighth out of nine contests – primaries and caucuses – he was getting so much momentum that immediately we heard … the new strategy would be disqualify, defeat and worry about uniting the party later,” Sanders said. “Because they had been careful. They know Bernie has brought so many people into the process they didn’t want to turn them off.”

Jane Sanders — whom Bernie recently called his “soulmate and a sounding board” — joined Julie Mason for an hour-long conversation about the ongoing journey of this campaign and election season.

“It’s gotten more difficult. If you saw the debate, there was a lot of misrepresentation and distortion of his record. You’ve got to fight back to be able to tell the truth … But he hasn’t fought dirty,” Sanders said. “He’s defended himself and made it really clear when [Clinton] was distorting the record.”

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