James White didn’t think he’d get ‘that many opportunities’ in Super Bowl

white_jamesIn going over the New England Patriots’ offensive game plan for Super Bowl LI, running back James White knew he would have a role as a receiver and as a runner.

The Patriots’ coaches saw areas within the Atlanta Falcons’ defense that they could exploit with White’s skills.

‘I want to be open every single time’

“But I did not think it would be that many opportunities for me,” White told Alex Marvez on Late Hits about his Super Bowl-record 14 receptions for 110 yards and  touchdown, and six carries for 29 yards and two scores — the one that, along with a two-point conversion, tied the game at end of regulation and the one that gave the Pats their 34-28 overtime win.

“But any time there’s a route and I get open, I want to be open every single time, win my matchup and just be a viable option for Tom (Brady) so if he looks my way, that’s an easy throw for him.”

‘He’s definitely more deserving than me’

Brady was named MVP of the Super Bowl, but he said the honor should have gone to White.

“I don’t know,” White said. “I’m really appreciative, but he’s well deserving of that. … I wouldn’t have caught the pass that I did without him. He’s definitely more deserving than me. He led our team to victory.”

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