Jake Owen opens up about his divorce on The Storme Warren Morning Show

Jake Owen is prepping the release of his upcoming, as-yet-untitled new album. Earlier today he released the effort’s second single, American Country Love Song. In support of the new single and upcoming tour, the country star stopped by The Storme Warren Morning Show on The Highway (Ch. 56), where he talked about the crazy year he’s had and opened up for the first time about his divorce from Lacey Buchanan, his wife of three years and mother of his daughter, Pearl.

“Last year was an interesting year for me both personally and professionally. I obviously went through a divorce, and my ex moved back to Florida and my little girl went with her back to Florida,” he explained.

However, he wanted to set the record straight that he loved being married.

“Being married was an awesome thing for me; I really loved it,” he said. “Unfortunately, myself and Lacey didn’t work out, we still care a lot about each other and most importantly have so much love for our little girl, and we want to do what’s best for her.”

He said that with him being on the road all the time, he’d rather have her around friends and family.

“It wouldn’t have been fun for them to be here alone.”

Since then, he’s had to adjust to the transition of feeling on top of the world while performing on stage and coming home to a newly empty house.

“It’s been a really interesting transition into that feeling that I was so lucky to have for a while by going out and doing what I love, playing songs, seeing the reaction of fans, getting that ultimate pleasure from them when I’m out on the road that you’re being accepted and people like your music,” he said. “And [when] the weekend’s over and going home to what was even ten times better than those feelings that I get on stage, which was walking in the front door and hearing a little girl go, ‘Daddy!’ and hearing her footsteps run.”

“And now it’s weird, man. I get home, and I’m the only person there and it’s so quiet, and it’s taken me a while to gain strength back again into knowing that I got to start rebuilding again. So I’m back on my feet. I feel really good. I know that I’m back being happy again.”

He went on to talk about what it’s like having a publicized divorce.

“It seriously bothered me,” he said. “I read what people would say.”

But this internal battle has inspired him to turn it all around, and now he’s using his Love Bus road trip to spread positivity to others as well as himself.

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