Jake Owen Announces Four Tracks from New Album ‘Loose Cannon’ Will Drop on Friday

Jake Owen wants to help jumpstart your summer this Memorial Day weekend by giving you four new “bangers” off his forthcoming album, he announced on Instagram.

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“I have four brand new songs dropping on Friday at midnight, which happen to be the first four songs off of the new album that will come out June 23,” Jake said in a video. “That album is called Loose Cannon. Pretty excited about it because I’m kind of a loose cannon myself, and it’s been a minute since I’ve released some new music, so I’m excited for you all to get some bangers for the Memorial Day weekend and start cranking them on the boat.”

“Hot Truck Beer,” “Nothing,” “Solo Solo,” and “On The Boat Again” are four of the 16 songs on Loose Cannon, Jake’s seventh studio album. His last full-length release, Greetings From…Jake, came out in March 2019.

To get you in the long-weekend, unofficial-start-of-summer spirit, Jake also posted a video of himself playing an acoustic version of the album’s title track on Instagram.

Loose Cannon Tracklist

  1. “Hot Truck Beer”
  2. “Go Getter”
  3. “Solo Solo”
  4. “On The Boat Again”
  5. “Hearts and Habits”
  6. “When It All Shakes Out”
  7. “Hope Less”
  8. “It Don’t, He Won’t and You Do”
  9. “Friends Don’t Let Friends”
  10. “Boy In The Chevrolet”
  11. “Shrank”
  12. “Nothing”
  13. “Somewhere South With Rum”
  14. “The Ending”
  15. “Hey Can I Buy You A Beer”
  16. “Loose Cannon”

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